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The European Social Dialogue Committee for the postal sector is composed of the two representative Social Partners organizations recognized at European level: PostEurop for the postal operators and UNI Europa Post & Logistics for the trade unions. Its Chair is Jutta Rawe-Bäumer (Deutsche Post DHL) and its Vice-Chair is José Oliveira (SNTCT).

Its main missions are to:

  • Advise the Commission on initiatives relative to social policy and on the developments in European policy which could have a social impact on the postal and allied services sector
  • Encourage and promote social dialogue within the postal and allied services sector in order to contribute to the development of jobs and to the improvement of working conditions of those working in this sector
  • Discuss appropriate structure to allow negotiations between the partners in the sector

PostEurop and UNI have participated fully in the Social Dialogue Committee in the present form since 1999 and have co-funded numerous successful projects and initiatives designed to strengthen the social dialogue and to accompany the fundamental changes in the postal sector.

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