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2015-2016 Project, “Mobilising social partners in a new context”

The EU-funded project has been conducted by the SDC in 2015-2016 and focused on two major topics:

  • A training seminar on e-commerce new services which took the form of a two day learning seminar addressed to the European social partners of the sector. The seminar presented theoretical data on the main challenges in the sector, the e-commerce market and value chain together with illustrations brought by national testimonies from operators’ and unions’ experts. Its primary objective was to inform and educate the social partners comprehensively.
  • A study of the collective labour agreements within a selection of 16 national postal operators. The objective is to analyse general content and process of collective bargaining which aims at supporting the change process of postal operators and trade unions and the transformation in social terms. It consisted of a survey of the results of social dialogue at national level through desk research, the dissemination of a questionnaire to a selection of 16 EU operators and the respective trade unions, together with complementary interviews with each of the questionnaire respondents, from both employers and trade unions. This survey has been organised with the support of a consultancy company which will conduct the research and analyse its results.

Final conference of the project, 24-25 May 2016 in Bucharest, Romania

This event gathered more than 50 participants, employers' and trade unions' representatives from more than 18 EU-countries. Dominique Bailly as Chair of the SDC and Brian Scott as Vice-Chair of the SDC moderated the event. Thijs Viertelhauzen from Ecorys, the consultancy supporting the SDC on this project, presented the main outcomes of his analysis and transversal analysis of social transformation strategies.

The conference was organized around 7 sessions:
(Click on the highlighted areas to download the presentations)

With presentations of the Spanish case study by Violeta Arganda from CCOO and of the Portuguese case study by Jose Oliveira from SNTCT

With presentations of the Dutch case study by Ger Deleij from FNV Dutch and the Italian case study by Cinzia Maiolini

With presentations of the Polish case study by Wieslawa Mazarska from Solidarnosk/Polczta Polska, of Swedish case study by Jens Saverstam from SEKO and of the Finnish case study by Lena Muller Salonen from PAU.

With presentations of the Austrian case study by Ursula Bachmair and of the French case study by Dominique Bailly

With presentations of the Romanian case study by Irina Purcaru from Posta Romana and Cristi Iancu from Postal Workers Union Romanian and of the UK case study by Chris Bennet from CWU


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