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SDC meetings, 7 March 2017

On 7 March took place the meetings of the Training, Health & Safety working group as well as of the Postal Sector Evolution working group.

Training, Health & Safety working group

At this occasion was presented the new project "Promoting Social Dialogue in the postal sector a Enlarged Europe" conducted by the Training, H&S working group. See presentation

Postal Sector Evolution working group

The presentation focused on the main outputs of the project "Mobilising social partners in a new context": the final report and online Training. It also presented the 2017 work programme which will focus on digital transformation.


Final report SDC project 2015-2016 "Mobilising social partners in a new context"

The SDC project conducted in 2015-2016 aimed at analyzing the content of the collective labour agreements signed within 16 postal operators to support the change process.

The final report of this project is available for download in English: PSE project final report . It has also been published in French and German.


SDC Plenary 1 December 2016

On 1 December took place the annual Plenary meeting of the European Social Dialogue Committee for the postal sector. The meeting was rich with several highlights in the morning and the presentation of the working group activities in the afternoon.

Joint Declaration on Social Dialogue

At this occasion, was signed the "Joint Declaration on the role of Social Dialogue in the transformation" which is available in several languages:

Elections of SDC President and Vice-President

The elections of the SDC President and Vice-President also took place. Jutta Rawe-Bäumer was elected as President of the SDC, replacing Dominique Bailly who stepped down after 10 years, and Brian Scott was reconducted as Vice-President.

DG GROW intervention

Harrie Temmink, acting Head of Unit "Public Interest Services", did a presentation on the main regulatory issues for the postal sector, in particular the Postal Directive and the proposal of regulation on cross-border parcels delivery.

Working group activities

The afternoon session enabled to present the activites of the two SDC working groups.

The Postal Sector Evolution working group presented the project "Mobilising social partners conducted in 2015-2016, see presentation.

The Training, Health and Safety working group focused on the outcomes from  the Training seminar on e-commerce and new services which was also organized in the framework of the above project; see presentation. It also introduced the new project, accepted by the European Commission, to be conducted in 2017-2018 on capacity building and digital transformation; see presentation.



Final conference of the EU co-funded project "Mobilising social partners in a new context" on 24 & 25 May 2016 Bucharest, Romania

Key inputs and interactive discussions

The meeting was attended by 52 participants from 18 EU countries, including representatives both from the Postal Operators and the Trade Unions and had the objective to generate a healthy discussion between European social partners on the social transformation strategies of the European postal operators and better understand how has social dialogue is supporting the change management process.

The discussion was based on the outputs of the project which included the analysis of the collective labour agreements signed within 16 selected European postal operators. The meeting made it possible to present the main social transformation levers in terms of wages, work organisation, training and mobility, illustrated through interesting operators and unions’ testimonies on the initiatives put in place at national level to support the transformation of companies.

All presentations of the conference are available here


SDC Post Training seminar on e-commerce and new services 17-18 November 2015

Offering a consistent training to the European social partners of the postal sector on e-commerce and new services, this was the aim of the SDC Post training seminar organized on 17-18 November 2015 which gathered 60 participants from 20 countries. It included in particular key inputs on the e-commerce market and value chain illustrated by concrete case studies.

Key inputs and interactive discussions

The seminar was an opportunity for interactive discussion and learning on initiates being develop within the postal industry in the areas of new services and particularly the e-commerce areas which are of importance to the sector.  It was facilitated by a consultant with wide experience in the Postal Sector who engaged with participants and pulled together themes and strands of work as identified by the participants and particularly the social partners. 

A MOOC as an innovative follow-up

To ensure the long-lasting impact of this seminar in an innovative manner, a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is under elaboration for a wider dissemination of the seminar’s input.


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